A Tidy Home – Tips and Tricks Rubbish Removal in the Inner West

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General council rubbish removal in the Inner West includes weekly kerbside general waste and fortnightly recycling collections, as well as periodic council kerbside cleanups. You can also donate good quality unwanted items to charity organisations such as ST Vincent de Paul or the Salvos. Todispose of larger items or larger amounts of rubbish, you can call and hire AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to come and collect your rubbish from your home or workplace for proper, sustainable disposal.

But even better than disposing of rubbish in an environmentally friendly way is to minimise the rubbish you generate in the first place.

Here are some basic tips we can all follow for a clean and tidy home…

  • Declutter regularly. EPA (environmental protection agency) statistics show that residents in the Sydney area throw out more rubbish than people do in any other part of Australia. To do this, we must also accumulate more that others do too. Do we really need all this stuff? Declutter your home – and don’t bring in more clutter! Go through your home room by room. Anything that isn’t beautiful, useful, of high sentimental value, or something that you really love, get rid of it by donation, recycling, selling, or throwing it in the rubbish.
  • Take off your Shoes. We bring in so much nasty stuff on the bottom of our shoes. Just consider where they have been! Leave outside shoes in the garage and have specific, indoor, at home-only shoes inside. This will keep carpets cleaner and they will last longer.
  • Clean as you go. Do laundry in the morning; clean the kitchen before retiring each night. Mop up spills and pick up dropped food etc as soon as it happens.

Regular council rubbish and recycling collections are great but they can’t take everything. Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals on to come to you;  we can come to your door anyplace, anytime. Call Andrew on 0418 671 297 today, for removal of all non-hazardous rubbish in the Inner West.

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