Enhance your Rubbish Removal in Concord with a Worm Farm

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Rubbish Removal in Concord is the responsibility of the Burwood Council local government. Burwood Council is committed to a range of incentives to facilitate not only rubbish removal in Concord, but to present environmentally sustainable options for residents. Additionally, AA Adonis Rubbish Removals services Concord residents for their individual waste removal requirements.

One fantastic way Concord residents can minimise their general waste footprint is to participate in worm farming.

A great worm farm has healthy, happy earthworms or compost worms, which feast on the bacteria that break down organic food waste. This keeps the bacteria levels balanced. Worms eat their own body weight each day, and they will eat bacteria from the surface of fruits and vegetables, but not garden waste. Other insects such as mites, earwigs, etc live in worm farms.

Worm farms have trays. The top levels are where the worms live. The worms move between these levels via holes. The worm liquid or “tea” collects in the base level and is drained via a built in tap.

Worms have sensitive skin, and require air, a moist and sheltered environment, and food. They need to be protected from the sun and also from rain.

Worm farm worms will breed only within the confines of the available space; they self-regulate their local population.

Burwood Council supplies worm farms to local residents, including those from Concord.

Tips for a healthy worm farm:

  • Locate your worm farm out of the sinecure the lid so that it can’t blow off in the wind or be knocked by children or pets
  • Protect the farm from rain and wind.
  • Keep the tap open so that the worms don’t drown
  • Harvest the worm tea frequently so it doesn’t “drown”
  • On a weekly basis, pour one litre of fresh water through the farm to keep it moist but not wet
  • Line the top tray with newspaper, then soak some shredded paper, pure compost or coconut peat until it is soft and pour it into the top tray for the worms to create a habitat from.
  • Add the worms to this habitat, and cover them with a hessian sack, damp newspaper, old towel, or a worm blanket. Give the worms a week to settle prior to feeding them for the first time.
  • Feed the worms fruit, vegetable scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, and eggshells. In very small amounts, it is also fine to feed them old paper towels, cooked food, hair and carbohydrates. Foods should be cut tiny or even blended.
  • Never give worms citrus, chilli, garlic, meat, legumes, dairy, or leaves and grass.

Minimise your waste footprint and invest in a worm farm. It is a rewarding way to enhance the environment and to eliminate some of the trash you send to rubbish removal services in Concord. Burwood Council can provide more information. And for all of your non-food waste removal needs, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for a fast and efficient service.

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