Mobile Phone Recycling in Sydney

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Whether you consider rubbish removal in Paddington, Roseville, Monterey or Petersham, there is one thing that should never be disposed of in your household waste: mobile phones.

There are more than four billion mobile phone users worldwide and thirty one million of these mobile phones are in Australia. Australians on average upgrade or exchange mobile phones every eighteen months to two years. Most people keep or pass on their old mobile phones, while three percent throw them in the bin. It’s estimated that there are more than twenty-three million old and unused mobile phones stashed away in homes and workplaces across Australia.

Mobile phones and mobile phone batteries contain an array of recyclable materials. They also contain toxic heavy metals that are environmentally unsafe to be disposed of into landfill. Old mobile phones can be recycled; they should never be placed in home or work garbage or recycling bins.

More than ninety-five percent of mobile phone component parts can be recovered, including gold, silver, nickel, copper, cadmium and various plastics, with the metals and plastics being recycled into stainless steel, plastic fence posts, batteries and even jewellery.

Mobiles can be recycled in the following ways:

  • SUEZ e-waste recycling service
  • Mobile Muster (at collection point or via free recycling satchel available from Australia Post)
  • Planet Ark

Mobile Muster alone has collected nine million handsets and batteries since 1998; this has reduced the requirement to mine almost thirty thousand tonnes of precious metal ore. This is equivalent to removing two and a half thousand cars from the road or planting almost sixty thousand trees.

Make your life simpler with AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Paddington and elsewhere across the Sydney Metropolitan Area. We come to you at your nominated location and remove unwanted goods, including those that can be recycled. We collect, load, sort, and disperse it all in an environmentally responsible way.

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