Parramatta rubbish removal

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IMG_0443The City of Parramatta is situated twenty three kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. It is one of four distinct cities within the Sydney metropolitan area.

The City of Parramatta was founded in 1788 on the Parramatta River, and as such is Australia’s second oldest city. Prior to this it was the home of the Darug people, and it is the furthest inland navigable point by water via the Parramatta River. In the past it has been a large agricultural centre, the home of Government House, and it still contains many heritage listed buildings and sites.

Today Parramatta is a major commercial and business centre, with many high density residential developments as well. In recent years it has become much more cosmopolitan with a busy cafe culture, theatres, and vast parklands.

Parramatta City Council is responsible for waste collection and kerbside rubbish removal in Parramatta and its surrounding suburbs. Council Initiatives include:

  • Random recycling bin and green waste inspections – to ensure the correct items are being placed into kerbside recycling and green waste bins.
  • E-waste drop off days biannually. Most parts collected are recycled, with any toxic components removed and safely disposed of in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Mobile Muster
  • Butt Out and Help Out Campaign – one month campaign to reduce cigarette butt litter in the Parramatta area. Plants are planted in the Baludarri Wetland for each Enviropole used in the area for butt disposal.
  • Free personal ashtrays from local libraries and Visitors Centre.
  • Council-provided compost and worm farms for household use.
  • Reporting of illegal dumping
  • Council kerbside cleanup days
  • Community bins for sharps disposal
  • Safe needle disposal at local participating pharmacies and certain public amenities blocks
  • Western Sydney Residential Asbestos Disposal Scheme
  • EPA Household Chemical Cleanout

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