Rubbish Removal Chatswood West: Light Bulbs & Globes

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Every single one of us should endeavour to make environmentally-sustainable choices when it comes to rubbish removal in Chatswood West and elsewhere. One thing most of us rarely give any thought to is the proper method of disposal of items that should never go into landfill.  This includes light bulbs and globes.

Most people automatically dispose of light globes and light bulbs into their general waste bins. All contents of general waste bins are dumped by council collection companies into landfill. However, it’s important to know that all fluorescent light bulbs, globes, and tubes should be recycled. Easy? Yes – but they can’t be discarded into your kerbside recycling bin.

Older-style incandescent globes are the only light globes that should be discarded in general waste. Do so by wrapping them in newspaper before disposing of them into your general waste bin. Due to their components, older globes, tubes, and bulbs are not recyclable.

Fluorescent globes, however, are ideal to be recycled. They contain recyclable mercury, metal, glass, and reusable plastic components.

Compact fluorescent lights (CFL) and other methods of fluorescent lighting use a lot less energy than their predecessors. They are better for the environment; however, they contain mercury, which can be harmful to the environment if it reaches landfill. The amount of mercury in each bulb or globe is very small, but if it leaches into the environment it can create significant issues and harm to aquatic, bird, animal, plant and even human life.

The largest single source of harmful mercury in the landscape is a direct result of the inappropriate disposal of fluorescent tubes, bulbs, globes, and lamps.

You need to recycle light bulbs and globes at a local collection point. Your council can advise, but one such place is your nearest IKEA store.

For responsible rubbish removal in Chatswood West, contact AA Adonis Rubbish Removals. We come to you, sort your rubbish, and environmentally-sustainable disposal is our top priority.

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