Rubbish Removal Hunters Hill: Light Globes and Bulbs

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Like everywhere else in Sydney, it’s the responsibility of every resident to make environmentally-sustainable choices when it comes to rubbish removal in Hunters Hill. This includes proper disposal of items that should never go into landfill, such as light globes and bulbs.

Unfortunately, most people do dispose of light globes and bulbs into general waste bins, which are dumped into landfill. Yet what many people don’t understand is that all fluorescent light bulbs, globes and tubes should be recycled – but not into your kerbside recycling bin!

If you still have older-style incandescent globes, note that these should be discarded by wrapping them in newspaper and then disposing of them into your general waste bin, as older globes, tubes, and bulbs are not recyclable.  Fluorescent globes, however, must be recycled.

Fluorescent lighting, including compact fluorescent lights (CFL), use far less electricity that older forms of lighting. They are much better for the environment overall (especially when recycled), but they do contain mercury. The amount of mercury used in a single bulb or globe is very small, but if it leaches into the environment via landfill, damage to aquatic, bird, animal, plant and human life is significant.

We all know that certain types of fish are not good for consumption due to mercury. Yet the largest source of mercury in landfill is a direct result of humans inappropriately disposing of and dumping fluorescent tubes and lamps.

Never treat your light globes, bulbs, or lighting tubes as normal household waste, but instead recycle them at a local collection point such as an IKEA store.

Globes and bulbs include recyclable mercury, glass, metal, and reusable plastic.

When considering responsible rubbish removal in Hunters Hill, contact your local council to learn where you can drop off used bulbs and globes. This will include various neighbourhood service centres or IKEA for proper recycling.

For all non-hazardous rubbish removal in Hunters Hill and elsewhere in Sydney, for large or small loads, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals.

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