Rubbish Removal in Bellevue Hill

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Bellevue Hill is an eastern suburb of greater Sydney, situated five kilometres east of the central business district.  It is governed by the municipality of Woollahra and is amongst Sydney’s and Australia’s most affluent suburbs.

Bellevue Hill is home to heritage buildings and enormous mansions.

The Municipality of Woollahra is responsible for public rubbish removal services in Bellevue Hill and its surrounding suburbs including Point Piper, Double Bay, Rose Bay and Bondi. This local council offers the following waste removal services:

  • Domestic Rubbish – weekly collection of red-lidded bin which includes food waste and non-recyclable household waste.
  • Recycling Service –for glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and cans. Never place polystyrene, plastic bags, bottle lids, meat trays, plastic plant pots, needles or syringes, waxed boxes or batteries into the recycling.
  • Garden Organics – collected in the green lidded bin. Collected items include organic food scraps, tea leaves and coffee grounds, leaves, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, prunings, and small tree branches, as well as out of date and spoiled food, bread, rice, cereal and pasta, dairy, egg shells, and meat and fish scraps.
  • Council Cleanup – scheduled cleanup service to collect larger household items which are not accepted for regular waste collection or recycling.
  • Computer and Cartridge Recycling
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Disposal
  • Fridge Buyback
  • Chemical Clean Out
  • SITA Environmental Solutions
  • Donation to Charities including the Salvation Army, Bower Reuse and Repair Centre, Freecycle, and ST Vincent de Paul.
  • Return Unwanted Medicines and Used Syringes and Needles to your local Pharmacy
  • Mobile Muster
  • E-Waste Collections
  • Special Event Bins
  • Special Event Recycling Service
  • Incentives to stop Illegal Dumping
  • Compost Revolution and Worm Farming
  • Trade Waste Services
  • Second-hand Saturday

You need not wait for council nominated days to arrive to get rid of your rubbish! For easy, fast rubbish removal in Bellevue Hill, on the same day and right at your door, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to take away rubbish and recyclable goods (with the exception of hazardous waste). We even help sort through to determine what can be donated, so that your old goods can help others.


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