Rubbish Removal in Chifley: Unexpected Things that you can Recycle

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We all know what can commonly be recycled: cans, bottles, magazines, paper, cardboard, etc. But there are some very unexpected things which are ideal for recycling. They may not all be able to go into your council kerbside bin, but they can most certainly be recycled one way or another…

  • Not many wine bottles these days still use cork, but it is something of a precious commodity and should absolutely be recycled. Save wine corks and send them to Recork.org. This company repurposes wine cork into products such as shoes – saving the planet at the same time.
  • Almost all battery types are recyclable. They must never be thrown into the garbage as they are environmentally hazardous. Most automotive parts stores will accept car batteries for recycling. Recycle dry cell batteries in Lowes or Home Depot, or contact your local council to find where you can recycle your old batteries.
  • Old keys can be recycled by a number of charity organisations, including Key for Hope. Also, most mixed metal recyclers will accept old keys for recycling.
  • Brita water filters can be sent back when used for recycling by the manufacturer.
  • Many parts within mobile phones and computers are recyclable. Visit the website for the EPA or ask your local council where your nearest recycling depot is for these. Any electronics, computers, or phones that still function well but are unwanted can be donated to charities such as the Salvos or local shelters.
  • Fluorescent Light Globes. These should be recycled as they contain mercury, glass, and other components that are best kept out of landfill. IKEA is one place where you can drop these off for recycling.
  • Plastic Bags. Don’t put these in the bin or the recycling bin. Instead, reuse them or take them to the drop off bins at your local Woolworths supermarket.

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