Rubbish Removal in Enfield – Glass Disposal

Mindful waste disposal is crucial no matter where you live, and this includes waste disposal and rubbish removal in Enfield, in Sydney’s Inner West.

One object which creates some confusion when it comes to proper disposal is glass. Yes, glass can and should be recycled – but not all forms of glass are suitable for recycling.

Glass takes more than a million years to break down due to natural processes, so it makes sense to recycle as much glass as possible.

Glass can be recycled over and over, forever – some forms of glass can be recycled up to a million times and produce other glass products of the highest quality infinitely. There are some types of glass, however, that have minute levels of contaminating material included and this precludes these types of glass from safe recycling.

Glass Suitable for Recycling in kerbside bins:

  • Glass jars – as used for jams, spreads, sauces, marinated olives, etc
  • Clear bottles – as used for juices and soft drinks
  • Brown bottles – as in beer bottles
  • Green bottles – as in beer and wine bottles


Glass NOT suitable for Recycling in kerbside bins:

  • Light globes
  • China
  • Mirrors
  • Window glass
  • Broken or coloured drinking glasses
  • Medical or laboratory glass
  • Ceramics – plates, crockery, cups
  • Corning ware
  • Pyrex

Always rinse glass for recycling and remove the lids. Labels need not be removed.

Alternatively, consider reusing glass jars and bottles in the home for storage or decorative purposes.

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