Rubbish Removal in Greenacre: Strange Things that can be Recycled

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Everyone should be recycling when it comes to rubbish removal in Greenacre, but for the most part it’s just the run-of-the-mill things we think of when it comes to recycling: newspapers, glass jars and bottles, milk cartons, etc.

There are some very unusual things that can be recycled that many people don’t know about – yet with knowledge comes power! Did you know these things can be recycled?

  • Wine Corks can be recycled into shoe soles, flooring, and insulation, among other things. Not nearly as many corks are out there now, thanks to screw-top wine bottles, but all cork should be recycled. It is, after all, a natural resource.
  • Some makeup packaging products can be recycled. Empty Mac compacts, for example, can be returned to the company in the USA via the Back to Mac program.
  • Recycle your used plastic shopping bags at your local Woolworths supermarket. Not only can they be reused by mindful customers, but plastic bags can be repurposed into goods such as composite lumbar.
  • Old VHS tapes can be donated and recycles. There are companies that take apart old tapes, shred them, and turn them into product packaging and other items.
  • There is a company called The Uplift Project which accepts old bras, socks, and swimmers for recycling.
  • Return old wire coat hangers to your local drycleaners.
  • Old towels and linens, as well as old newspapers, will likely be very welcome for donation at your local vet or animal hospital or RSPCA.
  • Recycle old toner cartridges at Officeworks or JB HiFi.
  • Old prescription glasses will, in most cases, be accepted for donation at your local optometrist.
  • Take old asthma inhalers to your local pharmacy for recycling – they are broken down into aluminium and plastics for reuse.
  • Old mattresses will be accepted by some retailers for recycling when you purchase a new mattress. Up to ninety percent of the mattress can be recycled for scrap metal, foam products, wood chips, and clothing.
  • Old sneakers and athletic shoes can be either donated via a Smith Family or Red Cross bin (if in good condition), or take them to a Nike store for recycling into indoor courts, playgrounds, and sporting tracks.
  • Even old pantyhose can be recycled!

These items can’t be placed in your kerbside recycling bin; contact your local council to discover how to best recycle these.

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