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All waste must be disposed of in the most environmentally way possible. When that waste is normal household goods, it’s not too complicated. But what about when the waste is large in volume like old carpet? How should you dispose of that?

Carpet disposal is something we don’t often need to worry about – so what to do when you do replace carpet is a mystery for most. Carpets do need to be replaced after a certain length of time, or after they have been irreparably damaged, especially in public areas.

Traditionally, old carpets were simply sent to landfill. This is not an environmentally sustainable option. Old carpet accounts for a large volume of landfill. Fortunately there are superior alternatives.

It is true that disposing of the old carpets can be a difficult, especially if you are removing carpets yourself, as carpet suppliers will often take away old carpets for you when they install new ones. Removing carpet is a big and unpleasant job, and there are services that specialise in its removal.

Carpet can actually be recycled and reused for an array of other purposes. Almost all types of carpet are recyclable.  While some carpet is made of wool, most are synthetic, made of nylon, polyester, polyethylene or polypropylene. Since synthetic fibres don’t break down in landfill, it’s important that they be recycled and not dumped. These synthetic fibres can be broken down and reused as raw materials for things like sporting surfaces and insulation.

Recycling carpet is environmentally sustainable. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, eliminates a significant amount of landfill, creates sustainable (or green) jobs, and reduces one’s carbon footprint.

If you have old carpet, you have a few options for its disposal. You could sell or donate high quality carpets that are clean and in good condition. You could donate your old carpet to local gardening centres (if they accept it) where it can be reused for weed control and insulation of compost. Or you can recycle it at a dedicated carpet recycling centre.

Alternatively, call Andrew at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for rubbish removal in Kingsgrove today on 0418 671 297. We will collect and dispose of your carpet in an environmentally sustainable way.

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