Rubbish Removal in Lidcombe – Metal Recycling

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All rubbish removal in Lidcombe and its surrounding area is the responsibility of both the local council as well as resident and commercial entities. One area where rubbish removal is not always affected properly is that of metal recycling.

Enormous amounts of scrap metal are illegally dumped in Australia, and much more is inappropriately discarded into landfill. This includes cars and construction waste, as well as smaller scraps of metal items. Scrap metal when illegally dumped leaches toxins into the environment and degrades the habitat of local wildlife, as well as resulting in visual pollution and numerous safety issues.

Scrap metal is estimated to comprise almost twenty percent of litter collected each Clean Up Australia Day.

  • Steel can be recycled time and again with no reduction in end-product quality
  • Recycling steel uses far less energy than making it from raw materials
  • Australia uses almost half a million tonnes of aluminium each year in the building, construction, packaging and transport industries alone.
  • Metal production requires mining, mineral resource removal, excessive water consumption and burning of fossil fuels.
  • Only 56% of aluminium cans used in Australia are recycled

Why Recycle Metals?

  • Save space in landfill
  • Conserve raw materials and natural resources
  • Minimise air and water pollution
  • Preserve local wildlife habitats
  • Save energy
  • Reduce global warming

Scrap metal is collected, broken down by large shredders, sorted and melted to become a renewable resource. It is reprocessed and crafted into new items.

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