Rubbish Removal in Naremburn: Facts about General Waste

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Do you ever wonder what happens to your general waste? All of us put out our red-topped council bins for rubbish removal in Naremburn and throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area weekly for collection, most of us without a second thought for just where it goes. It’s almost natural to adopt an “out of sight, out of mind” philosophy about our rubbish – after all, we get rid of it for a reason!

But it is very important to understand that humans are generating more waste and rubbish than ever before in the history of mankind, despite the many ways we may be able to recycle. We still discard a disturbing amount of rubbish and most of it goes to landfill.

Australia ranks fifth in the industrialised world for the huge amount of waste we generate. This is not a good thing at all – as we have a very small population compared with other developed nations. We are generating far more than our fair share of rubbish. Every year, Australians send millions of tonnes of rubbish to landfill. This is nothing to be proud of.

All rubbish that is not reused, donated, repurposed or recycled ends up in landfill (or rubbish dumps). Rubbish that is disposed of into general waste bins or left out for periodic kerbside council cleanups is taken to landfill and dumped there.

Generally, a landfill facility is simply an open hole in the ground. Sydney landfill sites are very close to full capacity. Alternative landfill is also available in some areas; this structure for dumping allows for rubbish to be isolated to a certain extent from the surrounding natural environment. It offers some environmental protection, however any rubbish dumped in this way will take much longer to decompose. Rubbish dumped into a landfill takes decades or even longer to decompose. Some items take thousands of years to fully decompose.

Landfill is not environmentally safe. A lot of the waste dumped there is toxic and harmful to aquatic, plant, bird, animal and human life. Toxic items like unwanted medicines and cleaning agents, light bulbs and batteries in landfill can contaminate the soil, air and water, leeching harmful chemicals into the environment. Landfill attracts insects and rodents which spread disease; rodents also attract snakes.

Reuse and recycle wherever possible. It should be the aim of every one of us to reduce the overall waste we dispose of – consume less, repair instead of buying new all the time.

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