Rubbish Removal in North Ryde: Recycling Facts

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Recycling is the one big, important way we can all do our own personal part to help protect our environment. Along with trying our best to consume less, it is the best way we can preserve our planet and reduce our footprint. When you need rubbish removed, or you arrange for professional rubbish removal in North Ryde, recycling should be considered a priority both for you and for your chosen rubbish removal service.

Why is recycling so important?

  • Landfill space is running out all over the world, including in Australia and, most concerningly, within the Sydney metropolitan area.
  • Rotting waste in landfill is ultimately toxic to the environment. It not only has the potential to leach chemicals from things like light globes and batteries into the soil; it also releases carbon dioxide and methane gas. Both of these contribute significantly to global warming.
  • Landfill creates a toxic liquid called leachate. Leachate takes time to form, and is a mix of rainwater, organic acids, and dissolved chemicals. Leachate will ultimately contaminate soil, waterways, the atmosphere, and it is very harmful to all forms of aquatic, bird, and land-dwelling life.
  • Humans unfortunately continue to dump millions of tonnes of rubbish, including plastics and hazardous waste, into the ocean. This rubbish is dangerous to marine life and sea birds. Just recently whales have washed up and died on Australian beaches, their stomachs full of plastic and metal car waste.

Recycling Can Help.

  • Recycling diverts waste materials away from landfill and alternatively they are sorted, repurposed, and reused. This also reduces the need for as much raw material mining.
  • Manufacturing products from recycled material requires less energy, water, and resources.

Recycling works to help our environment. It reduces landfill, saves fresh water, conserves natural resources, cuts greenhouse gases, and helps protect marine and aquatic life.

What can you do? Recycle all aluminium cans and foil, steel, paper, cardboard, cartons, glass, suitable plastics, and compost organic food waste. You could even create a worm farm.

You should never recycle plastic bags, ceramics, soiled nappies or used sanitary items, medical glass, or hazardous or liquid. These require specific disposal. So too do batteries and light bulbs.

For sustainable rubbish removal in North Ryde, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals today.

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