Rubbish Removal in Ryde: Fast Facts about Recycling

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Recycling should be important to us all, and for those concerned with rubbish removal in Ryde, inner-western Sydney, recycling needs to be a priority wherever possible.

Here are some interesting snippets about waste and recycling:

  • Australia is running out of suitable free land space for landfill, as is the rest of the world.
  • Recycling conserves many natural resources, and also saves use of fresh water. It cuts greenhouse gas emissions, reduces landfill produced, and saves large numbers of marine life.
  • Rotting waste in landfill can be toxic to the environment, releasing the gases carbon dioxide and methane, which contribute to global warming.
  • Landfill itself creates a toxic liquid called leachate. This liquid is comprised of a mix of rainwater, organic acid, and dissolved chemicals. It contaminates the environment and harms both plant and animal life.
  • Recycling diverts waste materials from landfill
  • Recycled products are sorted, separated, and reused.
  • Millions of tonnes of rubbish are also dumped by humans into the ocean. This rubbish is incredibly harmful to all marine life, including seabirds and ocean mammals.
  • Recycling saves the planet: ten tonnes of material recycled is environmentally equivalent to taking four cars permanently off the road.
  • To manufacture new products from recycled materials is far better for the environment than creating from raw materials. It requires less energy, less water, and fewer resources.
  • Every aluminium can that is recycled saves the same amount of electricity that would be needed to run a television set for three hours.
  • A year’s worth of daily newspapers that are discarded into landfill will result in the production of 350kg of carbon dioxide each year.
  • One tonne of paper or cardboard recycled will save thirteen trees and two and a half barrels of oil.

Recycle all recyclable plastics, aluminium, steel, paper, cardboard, cartons, and glass bottles and jars in your kerbside recycling bin, and compost organic food waste.

Note that all plastic lids need to be removed and placed in general garbage.

Never recycle items including plastic bags, nappies and sanitary items, medical glass, ceramics or mirrors, or hazardous or liquid waste into the kerbside bin. Batteries and light bulbs must be recycled at a specialist collector.

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