Rubbish Removal in Sydney: Alternatives to Hiring a Skip

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Are you moving house, renovating, selling a deceased estate, or you just need a big cleanup of your house or yard? You will most likely first think of a skip bin for these kinds of rubbish removals in Sydney, but there are other, sometimes better options.

Skip bins can seem like a great way to eliminate a large amount of unwanted items, but renting a skip bin has its drawbacks.

For starters, when you hire a skip bin, you are required to pay a rental fee for the duration of the time you have it. On top of this, you also pay for any excess weight of rubbish over and above the estimated weight at the time of booking. This is difficult to estimate so you’ll often end up paying more.


  • Skip bins take up valuable space on your property.
  • They will, depending on your local council, often require permits if they are to be sited on the sidewalk or kerbside outside your home. You will need to plan ahead, and it can be inconvenient. This is also an extra cost to budget for.
  • You’ll need to estimate the size of your skip – again, not easy until you start filling it!
  • Bulky and heavy items can be difficult to fit into a skip. Some skip providers have restrictions what can be put in the skip, and things like mattresses, concrete, and tyres are often prohibited.
  • Your skip won’t just be for you, even though that’s what you intend! Passers-by and neighbours will take advantage of it and it’s not uncommon to find it has been filled by others under cover of darkness.

There is a better solution!

AA Adonis Rubbish Removals provides to-your-door rubbish removals in Sydney, all over the metropolitan area including North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and Southern suburbs. We are the perfect alternative to hiring a skip bin. We come to you and leave your property clean, neat and tidy. No job is too big or too small.

Call AA Adonis today.

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