Rubbish Removal in Turramurra: Recycling Facts and Trivia

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When you consider rubbish removal (in Turramurra or anywhere for that matter), recycling needs to be top of your agenda…

  • Rotting waste in landfill creates carbon dioxide and methane, contributing to global warming
  • The world is running out of space for landfill
  • Landfill creates a toxic liquid called leachate. It is a mix of rainwater, dissolved chemicals, and organic acid. It contaminates the environment.
  • Millions of tonnes of rubbish are dumped into the ocean, threatening marine life including seabirds and mammals.
  • Recycling diverts waste materials from landfill, sorting and reusing waste products.
  • Manufacturing new products from recycled materials uses less energy, water, and resourced than creating from new virgin materials does.
  • Recycling ten tonnes of material is equivalent to removing four cars permanently from the road.
  • Each aluminium can that is recycled saves electricity equivalent to that needed to run a television for three hours.
  • One tonne of paper or cardboard that is recycled saves two and a half barrels of oil and thirteen trees.
  • A year’s worth of daily newspapers discarded into landfill results in 350kg of carbon dioxide production each year.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources, saves fresh water, cuts greenhouse gases, reduces landfill, and saves marine life.

Recycle plastics, aluminium, steel, paper, cardboard, cartons, glass, and compost organic food waste.

Lids that are plastic have to be removed and placed in general garbage.

Never recycle plastic bags, nappies, sanitary items, medical glass, ceramics, or hazardous or liquid waste into the kerbside bin. Batteries and light bulbs also do not belong in kerbside recycling bins.

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