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Not all rubbish removal in the Inner West is suitable for professional rubbish removal services – and some types of rubbish can be tricky, including hazardous waste. Service providers like us at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals don’t handle hazardous waste, so there need to be other solutions…

One type of waste that can be tricky to dispose of properly that many of us deal with is cat and dog waste – as in doggie poo and kitty litter. There are a number of ways you can safely dispose of your dog and cat litter without harming the environment.

Much depends on the type of cat litter that you use, and also consider that sometimes cat litter and dog poo will develop a very nasty smell if it is left in your backyard or placed on your garden. Anyone who owns a cat also knows how bad kitty litter can smell when it needs to be replaced – surprisingly, perhaps, more from the urine content than solid matter. You will need to identify the best ways to dispose of these types of waste.

Ways to safely dispose of dog poo and kitty litter:

  1. Scoop into plastic bags

You can scoop the solid waste into plastic bags and throw these in the general waste bin. The plastic bags will prevent any odour from spreading on your property and it gets the waste out of your house. The idea of throwing solid waste in the bin may seem disgusting, but the waste is organic and will break down quickly in landfill. The downside of this disposal method is that the plastic bags pollute the environment in the long term.

  1. Flush down the toilet

Solid pet waste can be collected and flushed down the toilet. It is no different than human waste; just be sure that no kitty litter material itself goes into the plumbing system.

  1. Recycling

You can reuse the dog poop and certain kinds of cat litter (sand, paper, or clay-based) as manure in your backyard. The waste from your dog or cat will eventually decompose, and it is very beneficial to the garden and your plants. Be sure to bury it deep so that it doesn’t emit a foul smell. You should use this method especially if you have a large backyard where the smell will not enter the house easily.

  1. Throwing it in the trash

Certain types of kitty litter (e.g. crystals) must be bagged in garbage bags and discarded into the general waste bin. It is by far the least offensive type of litter as far as covering smells in the home but it is not safe to put on gardens or down the toilet.

AA Adonis Rubbish Removals are professionals in handling all non-hazardous rubbish. We offer fast and affordable rubbish removal in the Inner West of Sydney.  We will remove your household rubbish, unwanted furniture, broken electronics, construction materials, mattresses, scrap metal, and garden waste – call us today.

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