Rubbish Removal Maroubra: Recycling Aerosol Cans

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Disposing of household waste is not always simply a matter of putting your rubbish in the bin. Council rubbish removal in Maroubra and elsewhere offers both regular general waste and recycling, as well as green waste collection, and attention should be paid to recycling as much as possible, in the right way.

Many people aren’t aware that aerosol (spray) cans are often recyclable. Aerosol cans are used to both package and dispense a wide variety of products, from cooking oil sprays to whipped cream, deodorant and hairspray to fly and insect killer sprays. In Australia, more than two hundred and forty million aerosol cans are purchased every year, and if not recycled they end up in landfill where they do not decompose.

Aerosol cans are made from steel and aluminium; both of these are recyclable. They are strong, leak-proof, and spill-proof. Since 1989, Australia has banned the use of environmentally harmful aerosol propellants and those used today are natural hydrocarbon (with the exception being in asthma inhalers).

Fewer than half of all steel and aluminium aerosol cans sold in Australia currently are recycled.

How do you recycle aerosol cans?

If the can is completely empty, it can be recycled in your home council kerbside recycling bin. Don’t compress or pierce the can. Remove plastic lids. As long as the aerosol can is empty, it will not explode or be harmful in any way. Aerosol cans that have product remaining in them should be discarded as hazardous waste; contact your local council for instructions.

Recycled aerosol cans are transported to a Material Recovery Facility. Here the cans are disassembled and sorted into their component parts. Steel and aluminium are each pressed into bales and sent for reprocessing.

Recycling aerosol cans reduces greenhouse gases, saves energy, protects natural resources, and reduces landfill.

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