Rubbish Removal Millers Point: Non Recyclables that May Surprise You

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There are so many things to consider when looking at waste and rubbish removal in Millers Point and elsewhere throughout Sydney. Recycling is a huge responsibility for all of us, and we should recycle as much as we possibly can.

Yet there are some things that many people regularly put into the recycling bin that aren’t actually recyclable. These should instead be placed into general waste.

These include:

  • Cardboard Take Away Food Containers including used Pizza boxes – if there is grease or food particles on these cardboard containers, they can contaminate other materials to be recycled. These need to go in the bin.
  • Contaminated Paper Products – including used tissues, paper towel, toilet paper, and napkins. This is due to contamination risks.
  • Laminated Paper or Card – any paper product with a plastic coating, such as frozen food boxes, milk cartons, etc needs to go in the general waste bin. The coating on these prevents proper fibre breakdown in the recycling facility.
  • Plastic Bottle Caps – while plastic bottles for water, soft drinks, and dishwashing detergents can be recycles, their lids need to be removed and put in general waste bins. These lids are usually made from Plastic #5 or polypropylene, which is not recyclable.
  • Plastic Grocery Bags – these wreak havoc in a recycling facility. They get caught in recycling machinery and cause damage to equipment. Most grocery stores and supermarkets will accept old plastic bags and some have a dedicated “bin” for these. Otherwise, reuse them at home as rubbish bags in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Styrofoam – is not recyclable. This includes cups, food containers, coolers, packing shapes and peanuts, etc. Styrofoam is non-biodegradable – choose to not use it at all wherever possible.
  • Shredded Paper – can clog recycling facility machinery and it can be difficult to handle. Use it instead for compost or see if your local vet or pet store can use it.
  • Some Glassware – not all glass is the same, and while glass bottles are very recyclable, some other types of glass are not due to their higher melting points and certain additives. You can’t recycle glass art, Pyrex, window glass, mirrors, plate glass, or eyeglasses. Take eyeglasses to your local optometrist for donation to third world incentives. Take bulbs and globes to specific recycling facilities for proper extraction and recycling. Consider donating unwanted, unbroken Pyrex and mirrors to charity organisations.

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