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Sleeping well is imperative for optimal health and wellbeing. Health experts recommend that mattresses be replaced every decade to fifteen years. This leads to a vast number of mattresses which must be thrown out across Sydney and the country as a whole.

Old mattresses represent one of the biggest and most challenging domestic waste items of which we need to dispose. Mattresses take up an enormous amount of landfill, up to twenty three cubic feet of space. They are cumbersome and difficult to move; and many rubbish removal enterprises, including most skip bin suppliers, refuse to accept old mattresses. Mattresses can easily damage equipment in the landfill facility, as springs can get caught up in machinery parts. Even charity organisations may be reluctant to accept old mattresses, due to the risks of microscopic parasites which live and thrive in mattresses. As a result, too many people dump their old mattresses, out of laziness or desperation, into landfill. Additionally, many mattress retailers will collect old mattresses when they deliver new ones; they often simply send the old mattress to landfill.

What many people don’t realise is that mattresses can be, and should be, recycled. Mattresses which are still of good quality and are able to effectively be cleaned and sanitised may be donated to charity organisations; others can be recycled into component parts. There is a range of mattress recycling options, and landfill can be reduced by up to ninety percent as this percentage of each mattress can be effectively recycled. This includes steel, wood, sponge, foam and latex. For example, springs are recycled as scrap metal; foam is converted to carpet underlay, and wood can be repurposed as hobby material or for use in biofuel production.

AA Adonis Rubbish Removals is committed to environmentally responsible rubbish disposal, and as such we endeavour to recycle as much as possible. This includes mattresses and their component parts.

Call AA Adonis for rubbish removal in Mosman (and anywhere else in the Sydney metropolitan area) for all of your junk and rubbish disposal needs – including old mattresses. With our same day service, you can say goodbye to your old mattress the same day as you welcome a fresh new one into your home, knowing that your old mattress is being discarded in the greenest way possible – so you can sleep well not only literally, but metaphorically also!

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