Rubbish Removal North Sydney – Living With Less Stuff Pt1

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No matter if you live in North Sydney or Timbuktu you seem to accumulate stuff.

It’s fair to say that, as a society, we have become a very materialistic breed of people. Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves to be at all materialistic can inadvertently fall into this trap. We think that having more will equate to greater happiness, so we strive for the acquisition of things – a bigger house, the latest fashions by designer brands, a fancier car, etcetera. But how much of this is for us – and how much is for impressing (or, let’s face it, one-upping) others? And is it actually making us happy?

Ironically, the more stuff we accumulate, the more we find ourselves wanting. And it’s not just that we become addicted to buying. We find an infinite well inside that can’t be filled.

There is a very apt saying: too many people buy stuff they don’t want or need, that they can’t afford, to impress people they don’t like. And sadly, for many, this is true. We seek to impress others – even subconsciously – and we want to be seen to be successful. So we buy designer brands for the label rather than for the item’s actual value to us. We upgrade a car well before we really need to – or want to. We get ourselves deeper into debt to live in a “better” suburb or a bigger house – and we fill that house with more stuff.

What people don’t realise is that too much stuff is a burden. Don’t get us wrong – it’s nice to splurge on new things. When that old lounge is well past its use-by-date, there’s nothing nicer than replacing it with a fresh, new model. When things wear out, absolutely toss them and buy new. New seasonal clothing is a treat and makes us feel good – nothing wrong with that. And books? Don’t get this writer started on the need to buy books!

It’s all about what you are accumulating, why you are accumulating it, and whether you are creating space for it.

There is another saying – if it’s not useful (and being used), beautiful, or makes your heart sing – get rid of it.

Living with less stuff can be liberating. Life instead can become full of experiences, and you will thrive without the burden of excess material possessions. The need to impress others (which frankly, if others care, they’re more likely to be jealous than impressed) will evaporate – and you will reclaim your life for yourself instead of living to any extent for the impression you make on anyone else.

Here is where AA Adonis Rubbish Removals can help. When you cull your possessions (tips on that coming next week), we will come to your door and take everything you’re discarding away – and dispose of it responsibly. Some of your old stuff may even make it to someone who actually does need it desperately – and what feels better than knowing that? For cheap rubbish removal in Sydney, you can do no better than us. Call today!

Come back next time for decluttering tips to help you reclaim yourlife…

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