Rubbish Removal San Souci – Tips for Repurposing

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Local council and other private waste removal organisations undertake a huge job to deliver effective rubbish removal in San Souci and nearby.  Yet it needn’t be as huge a job as it currently is. Too many of us throw items away without considering how they can be recycled or, even better, repurposed and reused.

So much of what we no longer want and hence throw out can actually be given a new lease on life. Some tips for repurposing your unwanted goods include:

  • Old candle stubs are great fire-starters. They are also handy to use for releasing stuck zippers – simply rub the candle stub along both sides of the zipper to lubricate it.
  • An old baby safety gate or playpen can be reused in the garden as a plant or flower trellis.
  • Matching buttons can be used to make earrings or cufflinks. Odd buttons can be used in gift-wrapping and card decorating.
  • Store the ends of stick chalk with costume jewellery – the chalk will prevent silver and other cheaper metals from tarnishing.
  • Egg cartons make great storage for Christmas tree decorations, or in your junk drawer for keeping small items like paper clips, safety pins, rubber bands, etc.
  • Use an old basket or box with a lid (even an unused kids’ toy box) as a neat recycling centre.
  • Wooden spoons and paddle pop sticks are handy to use for marking garden seedlings and plants
  • Old nylon pantyhose or stockings can be reused as plant ties.
  • Broken terracotta pots can make rustic garden markers
  • Attach gift cards to presents with old photo corners.
  • Use scraps of sandpaper to sharpen scissors –just cut through the sandpaper a few times. Aluminium foil does the same job.
  • Old paper towel tubes are good for storing plastic bags.
  • Use a hair straightening iron for easy and fast collar and sleeve ironing touch ups.
  • Glass jars can be washed, removing the labels, and reused for storage. They’re great for making dressings and sauces that need to be shaken. Alternatively, you can collect cooking grease and oil in glass jars with lids and throw it away in general household waste.
  • Use disposable razors to remove pilling from woollen and knitted clothing.

Use your imagination and there are many, many ways to reuse unwanted or used stuff!

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