Rubbish Removal Sydney: Summer Fire Safety Tips

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Summer is here and that means so too is bushfire season. Even living in the heart of the Sydney Metropolitan area, many of us live close by the bush and even very small tracts of bush or nature reserves can pose a risk if fire breaks out. This is especially true after such a warm, extremely dry winter as we have just had, and with hot days and high winds, the likelihood of summer bushfires skyrockets.

When you live near any kind of bush in Australia, you need bushfire safety to be an essential consideration. You should, if you have not already, prepare your property for the reality of a potential bushfire local to you. Your efforts towards  rubbish removal in Sydney need mitigate the bushfire risk to your home and your family.

Ways to Minimise your Risk

  • Keep lawns mowed regularly and deeply water when restrictions allow.
  • Remove leaf litter from rooftops and gutters
  • Cut away overhanging branches from your roof.
  • Keep paths and driveways weed and leaf-free.
  • Have your garden hose connected and with easy access.
  • Weed out long grasses from garden beds (this also removes hiding spots for snakes).
  • If you have a woodpile of any kind, keep it up off the ground (again, removing access for snakes) and locate it well away from your house.
  • Remove dried or old wood from your outdoor areas including your patio and especially anywhere close to your house or shed. This must include broken fencing, old and unused garden furniture, and old children’s toys.
  • If you need to replace your fence, choose non-flammable fencing options.
  • Rake leaves from the ground and compost them in a proper compost bin or discard them in your green bin.
  • Store flammable materials and house or garden chemicals safely away from the house or discard them in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Store LPG gas bottles for barbeques etc with the valve facing away from the house.
  • If you back onto bush or a nature strip or reserve, make sure that there is a fuel break between the back fence of your garden or yard and any vegetation including grass and trees over the boundary line.


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