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One thing which everyone at some point must consider when it comes to rubbish removals, Killara to Kingsford, is how to best dispose of old mattresses.

Too many old mattresses find their way into landfill, and they represent an enormous negative environmental impact, both in their disposal as well as in producing new materials for creating new mattresses. Australia sends an estimated one and a quarter million mattresses to landfill each year; most people dispose of their mattress and invest in a new one every eight to ten years. They are the most common item put out for kerbside council cleanup collections, and almost all old mattresses end up in landfill.

Many people don’t realise that mattresses can be recycled. Organisations such as Mattress Recyclers and Mission Australia collect old mattresses and recycle their parts.

The average mattress contains two kilograms of wood, more than twelve kilograms of steel, and almost two kilograms of foam.

  • Steel springs can be sold to scrap metal dealers
  • Foam can be on-sold and made into carpet underlay
  • Felt padding and fabric can be used to make boxing bags
  • Husk is transformed into weed mats and mulch
  • Wood is broken down for mulch, animal bedding, and kindling

The process by which a mattress is refurbished includes the following steps:

  • After collection and distribution to the mattress recycling facility, mattresses are inspected to ensure they meet strict recycling criteria. This includes springs being checked for tensile strength, and cover being inspected for sanitary condition.
  • Mattresses are then sanitised with high pressure dry steam cleaning processes to eliminate bacteria and microscopic bugs.
  • Mattresses are refurbished with some new materials for reuse; however the majority of the mattress does not contain new materials.

AA Adonis Rubbish Removals, which offer rubbish removal in Killara and all over metropolitan Sydney, happily collect you old mattresses from your home and pass them on for environmentally responsible recycling. Call us today to arrange a pickup and do your bit to save the planet!

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