Rubbish Removals Paddington – Time for an Autumn Garden Cleanup!

Need Rubbish Removal services in Paddington? Autumn is finally here and it’s a great time for a big garden cleanup. A little work now will rejuvenate your garden for the coming winter and have it ready to bloom in six months with the arrival of spring.

Here are some basic tips for your autumn garden cleanup:

  • Get rid of any summer annuals that are dead or on their way to the grave. Plant winter annuals such as violas, primulas, calendulas, and cyclamen.
  • Mow and aerate the lawn
  • Eliminate weeds and bindies
  • Spray against caterpillars, fruit flies, slugs, and mites.
  • Plant seeds to grow sweet peas for beautiful vintage-style flowers. Also, now is the time to plant poppies, pansies, and other seeds to flower in spring.
  • Plant some herbs from seed – parsley, coriander, dill, and chives will grow beautifully in autumn’s cooler conditions.
  • Any deciduous trees will begin dropping their leaves from now. Consider composting dried and dead autumn leaves – layer with green compost such as lawn clippings and kitchen compost (no meats, citrus, or dairy!) for a rich and premium garden compost come spring. Turn the mix periodically and keep the compost bin covered.
  • Prune perennials that flower during summer – cut back any dead plant material, remove dead or dying flowers. Thin out areas of overly heavy growth. Remove any diseased parts of the plant, but don’t place these into any compost.
  • In May, prune back fruit trees (except apricots – these can wait until spring). Be careful to leave behind the fruiting spurs. Throw away any fallen or mummified fruit as this can harbour pests and diseases.
  • Cut back any dead branches on trees and shrubs
  • Now is also a good time to sharpen or replace old garden tools. Clean out the garden shed or garage and get rid of unwanted “stuff”. Cleanups are very liberating and we guarantee you will feel lighter and brighter after you have done the job!

Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for all of your Sydney rubbish removal needs – including removal of garden and green waste. Never again do you need to load up the trailer and take a trip to the dump! Nor do you need to pace your cleanup depending on the capacity of your green council bin. We come to your door, load and take away everything you want us to get rid of – from leaf litter to branches and everything in between, including old and unwanted garden tools and appliances. No job is too big or too small – so call Andrew today on 0418 671 297.

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