Safe Disposal of Asbestos

While there are many things we can remove for you here at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals, some items require special handling.

One of the most challenging things to remove from your home or work site is asbestos.

Asbestos is a silicate mineral which is made of long, fibrous crystals. These crystals are comprised of millions of microscopic fibres which can be released into the atmosphere when they are disturbed. Asbestos has been mined for human use for four thousand years, but became very widespread for the building industry at the end of the 1800’s. Asbestos was prized because it absorbs sound; is fire and heat resistant; and is a great insulation medium. It was widely used throughout most of the twentieth century as a construction and fireproofing material.

The problem with asbestos is that the dust it creates can be easily inhaled and it is extremely carcinogenic. The effects over time can be fatal.

Asbestos fibres are released into the air whenever the material is not stored, handled, or transported safely.

Asbestos waste is classified as either stabilised (as in cement asbestos sheeting, floor or roof tiles), or fibre and dust waste (including brake lining dust, insulation, or dust from ventilation systems).

Legally, the following conditions apply to the handling of asbestos:

  • Asbestos waste must be thoroughly wetted and then completely sealed in heavy duty plastic before any transportation.
  • Waste must be stored in a manner that is environmentally responsible.
  • Soils contaminated with asbestos must be wetted down.
  • Waste must be transported in a vehicle that is leak-proof and covered.
  • It can only be dumped in a designated, licensed landfill facility which accepts asbestos waste.
  • Discarding asbestos waste in a domestic bin is illegal.
  • Asbestos products must not, by law, be reused, recycled, or illegally dumped.
  • One must always contact the landfill authority before delivering asbestos waste to ensure it is accepted.

We don’t handle asbestos at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals, but we are committed to helping ensure it is disposed of safely by providing information.

Sydney currently has some landfill rubbish tips in the area which may accept asbestos waste. Asbestos waste can be dropped off at:

  • Sydney Transwaste Industries, at Homebush West
  • Blacktown Waste Service, at Marsden Park.

Contact the Environmental Protection Authority or SITA for more information.

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