Moving House? Sydney Rubbish Removal Tips for Downsizing

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We’ve talked about the benefits of clearing clutter in other posts, and without a doubt, the greatest enforced clutter-clearing will occur if you move house – especially if you’re downsizing to a smaller home. It can seem overwhelming to even contemplate – but the benefits will ultimately greatly outweigh the short-term annoyances. Here are some top Sydney rubbish removal tips for decluttering and downsizing to a smaller home…

  • Plan Ahead – this is not a task to leave until the last minute! As soon as you decide to move and put the process of doing so in action, begin to declutter. Get rid of stuff you know you don’t want to take with you – old, broken, useless stuff can go in the bin or recycling now. Quality items can potentially be donated to charity.
  • Assess your Needs – what do you actually need? Do you really need three dinner sets? Do you really need more than eight champagne glasses? Do you really want to keep all those old books? Are you ever going to use that ice-cream maker that’s been sitting in the back of your kitchen cupboard for the last 5 years? If you don’t need it and it doesn’t have significant sentimental value, don’t take it with you.
  • Make an Inventory – of everything you already have that is necessary for your new home – it will save you time and money in the longer term.
  • Measure your New Space – go room by room in your new home, measuring space and writing the measurements down. Compare it with the current dimensions you are living in – you’ll get a better understanding of what can go and what must be disposed of to avoid a pokey, cluttered new home.
  • Sell – items you no longer want that are of good quality can be sold – from selling bric-a-brac in a garage sale to selling larger furniture items that won’t fit in your new home or with your new lifestyle. If you have an adult child moving out of home as well, give what you can to them so they too can save money rather than necessarily buying new.
  • Consider Upcycling – reuse old stuff in your new home. Old crockery can be used on an outdoor table, for example. Old furniture can be repainted and old sofas can be re-upholstered.
  • Maximise Storage – consider things like installing an attractive garden shed, putting wall shelves in your garage, and other ways of maximising space in your smaller home for storage of things you wish to keep.
  • Learn to Live with Less – and Enjoy It. Living with less is liberating – there is less cleaning to be done, less burden on your finances, and better energy flow in your home. Choose smaller items, avoid so much impulse buying, and reject any need to “keep up with the Joneses”.
  • Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Sydney – when you do need to eliminate large-sized goods or large numbers of unwanted goods, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Sydney for fast, affordable, and efficient environmentally-sustainable rubbish removal.

Enjoy your new home and a simpler way of living!

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