Rubbish Removal Camperdown – Trash or Treasure?

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When you consider rubbish removal in Camperdown, you likely think of weekly gin nights and periodic council kerbside collection. So many of us put out unwanted stuff for kerbside collection, yet find that the goods are gone well before the council truck rolls by to take it all away. Where does it go?

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! There are people who actually look forward to travelling around suburbs during council cleanup season, finding unwanted things for free that they can refurbish, use or sell on. And when you consider that everything the council collects in their trucks during council cleanup goes straight into landfill, it’s obvious that there has to be a better way of rubbish and unwanted “stuff” disposal.

Unless we have already committed to living a minimalist life, we tend to acquire way too much stuff. Modern like is all about consumerism, sadly. We place so much value on material things and being seen to have certain brands and items. We get sick of things and throw them out well before they expire.

In Australia, we are experiencing a crisis with landfill reaching capacity. We need to find better options for rubbish removal. What if, rather than throwing stuff out, we instead committed to recycling, donating, repurposing or selling?

Some great alternatives to kerbside rubbish removal in Camperdown include:

  • Many things can be repaired or repurposed to be reused. There are various businesses and charities throughout Sydney that accept unwanted goods for repurposing.
  • Confer with a local antique or curios dealer and either sell or give your unwanted items to them for on-sale – this is a much better option than throwing them away and there are people who love old-time pre-loved items from the past.
  • Have a Garage Sale. Make a little cash from the things you have that you no longer want. From books to crockery and glassware, toys to clothing, it could be exactly what someone else wants or needs and is willing to pay a little for.
  • Donate good quality items to Charity. These can be donated to your choice amongst charity organisations, including The Salvation Army, The Smith Family, and Saint Vinnie’s. You could for example donate books for example to a local Rotary or Scout group for their annual book sale. Different organisations accept different things, but new homes can usually be found for good quality DVD’s, CDs, clothing, glassware and crockery, linens and blankets, appliances that are in perfect working order, furniture, toys, and much more. You can empty your home of unwanted things with a good conscience.
  • So much can be recycled these days, from batteries to mobile phones to light globes and more. Make sure to seek proper advice from your local council website to ascertain what can and can’t go into recycling your home recycling bin, and where to recycle items that can’t.


Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Camperdown for to-your-door service for removal of non-hazardous rubbish. We appropriately distribute your unwanted goods for donation, repurposing, recycling, or suitable disposal into landfill.

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