Rubbish Removal in Croydon Park: Recycling Facts

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Protecting our environment is ever more crucial, especially in this age of climate change and population growth. Recycling is the one big thing that it’s easy for us all to do to help protect our environment, both locally and further afield. When you arrange for rubbish removal in Croydon Park, recycling should be a priority for each and every one of us.

Why is recycling so important?

  • The landfill contains rotting waste. This is often toxic to the environment, as rotting waste releases carbon dioxide and methane gas into the air. Both of these play a significant role in contributing to global warming and the ultimate deterioration of our planet.


  • Space for landfill is running out in Australia and in the Sydney metropolitan area, as well as worldwide. Finding better options for rubbish removal is imperative.


  • Landfill ultimately creates a toxic liquid called leachate. This is a mixture of organic acids, dissolved chemicals, and rainwater. It contaminates the soil, the waterways, and the air, and it is extremely hazardous to all forms of life, including humans.


  • We dump millions of tonnes of rubbish into the ocean. Sometimes this is intentional, sometimes it’s not, but it includes plastics and other hazardous waste which is catastrophic to all marine life and sea birds.


How can choosing to recycle help?

  • Recycling diverts waste materials away from landfill and protects the natural environment.


  • Recycled waste materials are sorted, repurposed, and reused. This prevents a need for mining or generating new resources, which in turn helps protect the environment.


  • Manufacturing of new products from recycled material, as opposed to raw materials, uses far less in terms of energy, water, and resources.


  • As an example of how recycling helps: one tonne of appropriately-recycled paper or cardboard saves the equivalent of two and a half barrels of oil and thirteen trees. If every one of us recycled suitable paper and cardboard products, the savings for the environment would be astronomical.


  • A year’s worth of daily newspapers discarded into landfill results in 350kg of carbon dioxide production each year. This is unacceptable when recycling is so easy, especially for such items as newspapers. You need to know that all clean newspaper is completely recyclable.


Recycling reduces landfill, it conserves natural resources, it saves fresh water, it cuts greenhouse gases, and it helps protect marine life. Recycling is our responsibility – each and every one of us.

What to Do

Recycle all appropriate plastics, aluminium cans and clean aluminium foil, steel, paper, clean cardboard, cartons, and glass. Ideally, compost organic food waste, or create a worm farm in your backyard.

Note that lids that are plastic must be removed and placed in general garbage- these are not currently recyclable.

You also need to understand that you should never recycle plastic bags in a recycling bin; instead, take these to dedicated plastic bag recycling bins at your local supermarket.  Never recycle soiled nappies, used sanitary items, medical glass, ceramics, or hazardous or liquid waste into your kerbside council-provided recycling bin.

Batteries and light bulbs are completely recyclable and should always be recycled, but do not belong in kerbside recycling bins. Contact your local council for instructions on where and how to recycle these appropriately.

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