Rubbish Removal in Dulwich Hill: Recycling Fast Facts

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Recycling in Dulwich Hill involves more than just putting out your yellow-lid bin every fortnight for council kerbside collection. Recycling is the one big thing we must all do to help protect our environment. Recycling is a simple way to do our own individual part for the good of the world around us and its future.

Consider the following fast facts:

  • Rotting waste in landfill can be very toxic to the natural environment. Rotting waste releases carbon dioxide and methane gas into the air. Both of these contribute to global warming and climate change, as well as pollution.
  • Landfill space is running out in Australia and particularly in the Sydney metropolitan area.
  • Landfill ultimately creates a toxic liquid called leachate. Leachate is a nasty mix of rainwater, organic acids, and dissolved chemicals. This combination, over time, contaminates waterways, soil, and the air, and it is harmful to all forms of life including plant, aquatic, bird, insect, reptile, mammal and human.
  • Humans are responsible for dumping millions of tonnes of rubbish into the ocean, including plastics and other hazardous waste. This rubbish is very dangerous to marine life and sea birds, as well as being unsightly. Our pristine oceans are literally becoming a rubbish tip, thanks entirely to humans.

Why Recycle?

  • Recycling diverts various waste materials away from landfill. They are instead sorted, repurposed, and reused.
  • Manufacturing of new products from recycled materials uses far less energy, water, and other natural resources than does manufacturing of any product from raw materials. For example, just one tonne of paper or cardboard that is recycled will preserve two and a half barrels of oil and thirteen trees. If all of us recycled suitable paper and cardboard, the benefits for the environment would be enormous.
  • A year’s worth of newspapers bought or delivered daily, if discarded into landfill instead of being recycled, will result in 350kg of carbon dioxide production each year.
  • All clean newspaper is recyclable.

Recycling reduces landfill. This in turn conserves natural resources, as well as saves fresh water, reduces greenhouse gases, and helps protect marine life.

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