Rubbish Removal in La Perouse –Reuse and Repurpose

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Rubbish removal in La Perouse, as elsewhere, requires a huge undertaking by the council and other private rubbish removal contractors, and the amount of rubbish we all generate is increasing exponentially.

Have you ever stopped to consider if something you’re discarding could be repurposed? This is a great way to not only save money but also take a small step towards saving the planet.

So much of what we throw away could be given a new life with a bit of imagination. For example:

  • Wash glass jars and remove the labels to reuse them for storage. You can also use them to make marinades, dressings, and non-cook sauces. Alternatively, collect cooking grease in these and throw it away in general household waste.
  • An old basket or wooden box is a great recycling centre.
  • Create earrings or cufflinks from a pair of interesting or fun matching or complementary buttons.
  • Egg cartons make great off-season storage for Christmas tree decorations
  • Repurpose an old baby gate as a garden trellis.
  • Keep plant pots for reuse and plant seeds from fruit.
  • Blackboard chalk can mend holes in walls caused by nails. So too can plain white soap bar leftovers be used for the same purpose.
  • Store stick chalk ends with costume jewellery to stop it from tarnishing.
  • Candle stubs are great for releasing stuck zippers. Simply rub the candle stub along both sides of the zipper.
  • Candle stubs can also be used as fire-starters in your fireplace or wood barbecue.
  • Use scraps of sandpaper to sharpen scissors.
  • Old nylon hosiery can be used as plant ties
  • Old wooden spoons are great for marking garden seedlings and plants, as are broken terracotta pots
  • Repurpose an old or broken picture frame with picture wire to make an earring holder.
  • Attach gift cards to presents with old photo corners.
  • Store plastic bags in old paper towel tubes for reuse.
  • Use a flat iron for hair to touch-up iron collar and sleeves.
  • Disposable razors are great to remove pills from woollen or knit clothes.
  • Fill nylon mesh orange and lemon bags with dryer lint, short yarn pieces, tiny twigs, etc and hang it outside. Your local birds will use these contents to build their nests.

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