Rubbish Removal Watsons Bay What Can’t go in My Yellow-Lid Recycle Bin?

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We are now encouraged in so many ways to not only consume less and to create less rubbish, and to recycle more. This is a way we can dispose of rubbish and unwanted items in an environmentally responsible and mindful way. Yet there is a high level of confusion about what can and what can’t be put into the yellow-lidded council kerbside recycling bins we all have at our homes. And putting the wrong things in there is almost as bad as not recycling at all.

Though some of the following can be recycled, they should not ever be put in your yellow-lidded bin. Instead, you’ll need to go online to seek advice from your local council or the EPA to discover how to recycle them locally or dispose of them properly:

  • Clothing and textile materials including sheets and towels
  • Juice boxes
  • Shredded paper (compost this or donate it to a vet or pet store)
  • Any paper or cardboard with a laminated surface
  • Any paper or cardboard with a plastic coating (e.g. frozen food boxes, cardboard milk or cream cartons)
  • Wet Paper or wet cardboard
  • Heavily dyed paper or cardboard
  • Used paper napkins, paper towels, serviettes, tissues (used toilet paper should not be recycled)
  • Food waste – non-meat/fish organic waste can be composted
  • Used takeaway food containers that have oil, grease, or food contaminants. These include including pizza boxes and cardboard Chinese food containers.
  • Nappies and other sanitary items
  • Plastic grocery bags – these can usually be taken to special bins at your local supermarket for recycling
  • Plastic bottle caps from bottles of water, soda, detergent, milk, etc. (The bottles themselves can be recycled; the caps or lids cannot)
  • Styrofoam (not at all recyclable)
  • Non-bottle glass – including window glass, Pyrex, and mirrors
  • Light bulbs and globes
  • Spectacles including sunglasses – take these to your local optometrist for donation
  • Wire coat hangers – your local dry cleaner may accept for reuse
  • Ceramics including crockery and cookware
  • Electrical goods and cabling
  • Batteries
  • Wood
  • Gift bows and ribbons
  • Motor oil and hazardous waste containers

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