A Novel Way to Affect Rubbish Removal in Newtown

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Far too much rubbish is thrown away which could otherwise be reused or recycled. Broken items could be fixed; unwanted pre-loved goods could be reused; and one person’s trash truly can become another’s greatest treasure.

For residents in South Sydney’s Marrickville area, including suburbs such as Newtown, rubbish removal options don’t stop at general waste and recycling.

The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre in Marrickville offers a drop off or collection service for unwanted, reusable, or salvageable items in the Sydney Metropolitan area. Items that are collected are repaired, refurbished, and resold at affordable rates.

The Bower’s mission is to help to divert waste from landfill and to provide affordable pre-loved goods to those who can use them, in particular those low income earners. It also aims to educate and inspire Sydney residents to live in a more mindfully sustainable way.  It operates in collaboration with no fewer than fifteen local government metropolitan councils.

This establishment offers repair services to the community. In house experts can repair items for you for a small fee; furniture, bicycles and electrical appliances can be brought back to life instead of trashing them and buying new. Unwanted items can be collected and re-homed or referred to another charity or community group who can use them.

The Bower also operates and runs various workshops in furniture restoration, shabby chic, upholstery, and recycled art. These include sculpture assembly, book binding, creating picture frames, and art sessions for children.

What goods does the Bower welcome?

  • Leather
  • Ceramics
  • Untreated timber
  • Electrical including mobile phones, power tools, DVD’s, computers, and TV’s
  • Corks
  • Rubber
  • Whitegoods
  • Metals
  • …and much more

For all non-food and non-hazardous waste rubbish removals in South Sydney, you can also call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for rubbish removal on the same day. If you have an array of mixed rubbish, including garden waste, general waste, and recyclables, we can take it all in one go, sort it, and distribute it appropriately on your behalf. Our collection is prompt, our staff is friendly and professional, and your unwanted goods will be disposed of for recycling, reuse by donation to charity, or dumped in the most environmentally sustainable way.

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