Balmain Rubbish Removal and Recycling Service

Balmain is an inner-western Sydney suburb, located six kilometres west of Sydney CBD. It is located on the Balmain Peninsula, and is surrounded by the harbour waters of Port Jackson. Traditionally a very blue collar, industrial area, today Balmain is a highly sought after, gentrified suburb with prime real estate due to its location on the water and its closeness to the city.

Balmain is renowned today for heritage buildings, boutique shops, high quality restaurants and cafes, and historical public bars. Cafe and restaurant culture is very prominent in this suburb.

Balmain falls into the Municipality of Leichhardt council region. The local council offers the following services for rubbish removal:

  • General Waste – weekly collection includes nappies, plastic packaging, -food waste, and non-recyclable household waste.
  • Recycling Service – yellow lid bins are for glass, plastic, and cans; blue lid bins are for clean paper and cardboard.
  • Garden Organics – collected in the lime green lid bin. Collected items include leaved, grass clippings, flowers, weeds, prunings, and small tree branches and untreated timber less than one metre in length.
  • Food Waste Recycling – food waste in landfill creates greenhouse gas emissions; those who live in unit blocks can swap garbage bins for food bins. Food waste is recycled by council into compost.
  • Council Cleanup – held twice annually to collect damaged items only, including furniture, soft furnishings, toys, flower pots, blinds, etc.
  • Commercial Waste – large or additional bins can be rented from Council; there are also a number of services for business recycling in the area.
  • Whitegoods and Metals – via the fridge buyback service, the Bower reuse service, or the Council whitegoods collection service.
  • The Bower – Leichhardt Council supports this environmental charity which collects and repairs used household goods, and then resells them to divert waste from the Sydney metropolitan waste stream.
  • Weekend Transfer Station – operated by Council, this transfer station is open on weekends only for local residents and proof of address must be shown prior to disposal. Items accepted include general waste, pre-sorted recyclables, garden organics, and mattresses.
  • Second-hand Saturday is a huge neighbourhood garage sale run by Leichhardt Council. Residents can participate at home by preregistering, and can make some money by seeling unwanted goods and preventing those goods going to landfill.

For instant and easy rubbish removal in Balmain, same day and at your door, call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to take away all the goods you want to trash or recycle. We can even help you sort through stuff to determine what should be donated, what should be recycled, and what needs to be discarded.

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