Darlinghurst Waste-Recycling & Rubbish Removal

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One bobcat-serviceof inner-eastern Sydney’s busiest suburbs, Darlinghurst is situated immediately east of the central business district of Sydney City. Densely populated, the vast majority of dwellings are terrace homes and apartment blocks. Today, Darlinghurst is a cosmopolitan and somewhat upmarket area; just a few decades ago, however, it was a much lower socioeconomic district.

As well as high density residential living, Darlinghurst is a commercial hub, with an abundance of nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, and fashion retailers. Culturally, Darlinghurst is renowned for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, numerous private art galleries, the Jewish Museum, and the Darlinghurst Theatre Company.

City of Sydney Council is responsible for waste removal services in Darlinghurst. The city is committed to a “zero waste” policy; aiming towards reduced landfill generated from the suburb and keeping the streets and public areas of Darlinghurst pristine.

Darlinghurst rubbish removal can be affected in the following ways:

  • Weekly kerbside household waste collection
  • Fortnightly kerbside recycling and green waste collections
  • Annual chemical drop-off day for safe and environmentally responsible disposal of household quantities of solvents, paints, cleaning products, poisons, aerosols, pool chemicals, motor oils and fluids, acids and alkaline solutions, hobby chemicals, gas bottles, light globes, smoke alarms, old cosmetics, fluorescent lamps, old smoke alarms, batteries, and pesticides.
  • Street side Recycling Machines, located at Alfred Street, Circular Quay, and Dixon Street, Haymarket. These work by inserting an empty drink container to be recycled, and the having the opportunity to select a reward for doing so. These Envirobank machines hold as many as three thousand plastic bottles and empty drink cans.
  • Free, personal ash-trays are available at Darlinghurst and Sydney City neighbourhood centres for binning butts. They are light and compact and have a keychain.
  • Battery recycling at local libraries and neighbourhood centres
  • Mobile phone recycling at local City libraries or neighbourhood centres
  • Used light globe recycling at local libraries and neighbourhood centres

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