General Waste: What Happens to It?

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We have talked in a previous post about what happens to recyclable waste when you dispose of your rubbish. But what about what happens to general waste?

It’s very easy for most of us to throw our trash into the bin and then forget about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

We are generating more general waste than ever, despite the myriads of ways we can recycle and the fact that so many of us are dedicated to recycling. Australia ranks fifth in the industrialised world for the amount of waste we generate – which is an appalling statistic when you consider that we have a relatively small population. And Sydneysiders are amongst the worst waste generators in this country.

Every year, Australians send millions of tonnes of rubbish to landfill. This is what happens to all rubbish thrown away that is not destined for the recycler. Almost sixty percent of our total rubbish is not recycled – compared with just four percent of rubbish in Sweden not being recycled! We could certainly do better!

Rubbish is dumped at either an open hole in the ground (rubbish dump) where birds, rats and mice swarm. Another form of landfill includes an isolated dumping structure where rubbish can be isolated to an extent from the surrounding environment. This rubbish will not decompose nearly as quickly as an open dump.

Rubbish in a dump or landfill takes decades to decompose – even longer for some items.

Landfill is not just a problem for its sheer volume. Much of what goes into landfill is environmentally toxic. Toxic items contaminate soil, air and water, and leech into the surrounding environment, harming flora, fauna, and humans. They also leech into the methane emissions created by rubbish as it decomposes. The common household battery is an example of toxic landfill waste.

The answer is to reduce your waste, reuse as much as possible, and recycle everything you possibly can.

When you call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Sydney to come and take away your rubbish, you can rest assured that we are dedicated to environmentally responsible rubbish disposal. We recycle absolutely everything we possibly can – so you know that your landfill contribution will be as small as we can possibly make it. Call us today for a quote or to arrange a pickup.

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