Globe and Bulb Rubbish Removal in Ramsgate

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Rubbish removal in Ramsgate includes council collections for general waste, recycling, and green waste. One object type that causes some confusion with proper disposal is the humble light globe.

Light globes and light bulbs are frequently disposed of into general waste and they ultimately end up in landfill. What most people don’t know is that however all fluorescent bulbs, light globes and lighting tubes should instead be recycled.

Incandescent globes are being phased out and there are few left. These should, rather than be recycled, be discarded by wrapping in newspaper and then disposing into your general waste bin for council collection.

Fluorescent globes must not be disposed of this way. Why?

Fluorescent lights of all kinds have many advantages over old incandescent lights. One of these is that they use less electricity that their older counterparts. They are better overall for the environment – except that they contain mercury.

The amount of mercury used in fluorescent globes is tiny, but damage to life of all kinds (including human) is significant if it is allowed to enter the natural environment. Recycling fluorescent bulbs is crucial.

Recycle these at a local collection point – you can contact your local council for details of these locations – or at an IKEA store.

Why else is recycling fluorescent bulbs so important? Up to 80% of their components can be reused, including glass, metal, and mercury.

When considering your responsibilities for rubbish removal in Ramsgate and elsewhere, you can drop off used bulbs and globes at various neighbourhood service centres or at your local IKEA for correct disposal and proper recycling.

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