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When we think of rubbish removal, we tend to foremost consider general waste and recycling. Yet green waste also constitutes a large amount of overall waste and it must be disposed of correctly. Attention to responsible rubbish removal in Potts Point must extend to green waste.

Resource recovery, reuse and recycling can all be applied to organic or green waste. More importantly, green waste should ever go into landfill, and there are much better options available to householders for disposal of garden and organic rubbish.

When disposed of in landfill, organic matter decomposes to generate methane, which is a strong greenhouse gas and is ultimately damaging to the Earth and our environment.

Organic material should instead be used to enhance gardens by converting it to mulch and compost, after separating garden waste and plant-based foods from other rubbish. Compost works because microorganism activity decomposes organic materials, and microbial activity generates heat. This releases large amounts of energy and encourages the growth of fungi, which is useful in gardens.

Green waste including garden clippings and food scraps constitute up to half of all household waste, and there is no better way to be environmentally responsible than have a compost bin or a worm farm.

By properly disposing of green garden waste so that it stays out of landfill, we can work together to minimise human-triggered greenhouse gas emissions.

Council rubbish removal services in Potts Point, like in other Sydney suburbs, collect the residential green-lidded garden waste bins every two weeks. These green lidded bins can be filled with grass clippings, small branches, plants and flowers, weeds, leaves, and small prunings from trees and shrubs. Don’t put food scraps in these bins; instead, invest in a back yard compost bin.

All residents are invited to call us at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals to Potts Point for convenient, affordable, same-day rubbish removal– including green waste. We load and take away garden waste and dispose of it thoughtfully on your behalf. Call Andrew today on 0418 671 297 for a no-obligation quote.

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