New Year: Big Cleanup!

It might not be spring cleaning season, but the New Year is a fantastic time to have a good hard look at your space and embark on a big cleanup.

Whether it’s destined for the rubbish bin, the recycler, or a charity organisation, here is a short list of some of the stuff you should get rid of whenever you have any kind of cleanup – especially one to greet a new year.

  • Garage clutter – if you don’t actually use it, lose it.
  • Unwanted books, children’s’ toys, and other baby goods. Donate if in good condition, discard if not.
  • Old pillows. Pillows should be replaced every eighteen months – they are full of dead skin, dust mites, fungi, and other allergenic and icky things. You really don’t want to be sleeping on that.
  • Old cosmetics. Makeup dries, separates, and can become a breeding ground for all kinds of nasties. Do yourself a favour – completely replace ALL cosmetics every twelve months at least. Additionally, get rid of old contact lens cases every two or three months.
  • Expired stuff from your pantry: jars of herbs and spices; biscuits; flours and sugars; packaged dry goods; tins that are older than eighteen months (contrary to popular belief, these do not last forever).  Old Halloween candy. Anything that is just waiting to sabotage your New Year healthy eating aspirations.
  • Expired or unused medications. Take these to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Even simple aspirin might not work properly once it is expired – don’t risk using it.
  • Frozen leftovers. If it’s been in your freezer for three months or longer, you’re not going to eat it. Toss it out.
  • Unused and unwanted gadgets – including cords.
  • “Dead” office supplies – including old paperwork, old pens and pencils, and anything not used in the last year. Only keep papers necessary for taxation purposes.
  • Old paints, etc. You know what we mean: the leftovers from when your house was last painted, for “just in case” touch-ups. You’ll never use it. You never have. Let it go.
  • Excess Tupperware and similar. Somehow we all have too many plastic containers – often without matching lids. Get rid of all that are not in pristine condition.
  • Old magazines, newspapers, junk mail, school workbooks from previous years – recycle these.
  • Anything you don’t use. That electric crepe maker you received as a wedding gift a decade ago and have used only once or twice: toss it.

Getting rid of old, broken, useless or unwanted stuff clears the way for fresh energies and new beginnings. Clearing clutter isn’t just great for the look of your home, but for your mental health and wellbeing as well.

Out with the old, in with the new! Call AAAdonis Rubbish Removals in Sydney (from North Sydney to the Inner West and the Eastern Suburbs) to come and take away all your unwanted stuff from your New Year cleanup. We guarantee you will be glad you did!

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