Randwick Battery Disposal

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Batteries of all kinds should never be placed in household waste bins. Like mobile phones and light globes, these can leach toxic chemicals into the environment when they find their way into landfill, which they inevitably do when disposed of in the bin.

Chemicals and metals from batteries contaminate both soil and the groundwater table, causing harm to the environment, including flora, fauna, and ultimately the human population as well.

There is an array of battery types, and most contain harmful metals including cadmium, lead, and mercury.

Batteries contain small amounts of precious metals such as magnesium and zinc, as well as other valuable resources, and as such are perfect for recycling. They should not, however, be placed into household recycling bins.

The Sydney metropolitan area, including Randwick, offers solutions to this issue. For rubbish removal in Randwick, the following convenient options are offered for battery recycling drop off:

  • ALDI supermarkets have free battery recycling stations at all their Australian store locations. Batteries accepted include AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V in both rechargeable and single use varieties.


  • Drop off recycling facilities at Perry Street Recycling Centre


  • Drop off recycling facilities at Randwick City Council Administration Building


  • Automotive, button, and other batteries can be dropped off for recycling at Battery World, Transpacific Cleanaway, or SITA. Motor vehicle batteries can also be recycled at the SITA Artarmon or Rockdale Resource Recovery Centres.


More than eight thousand tonnes of used batteries end up in Australian landfill every year, and are amongst the most hazardous common waste discarded by Australian households. With more than 90% of battery contents being recyclable, it makes sense to recycle batteries.

Rubbish Removal in Randwick and surrounding suburbs, including safe battery disposal, can be affected by AA Adonis Rubbish Removal Services. Simply call Andrew on 0418 671 297 for a quote for collection of all recyclable, green, non-hazardous and non-food waste. There is no faster or more convenient way to eliminate your unwanted goods and rubbish.

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