Rubbish Removal Belmore – Garden Tips for Spring

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Spring is here and it won’t be long before the days are warmer and longer. There is no better time to get out into the garden, clean up and dispose of the old with rubbish removal in Belmore or locally, and see to those spring garden tasks that need to be done.

  • Plant in seeds to grow vegetables and flowers for summer
  • Prune back winter-flowering plants and those that have already flowered in early spring
  • Prune hibiscus
  • Plant herbs for summer salads
  • Fertilize your lawns and garden and water it in well. Don’t use nitrogen-based fertilizers on fruit trees while they are flowering or growing fruit – instead use a potassium-based fertilizer.
  • Be alert to aphids, snails, and other pests on new plant growth.
  • Rejuvenate soil with manure or compost
  • Weed garden beds and re-mulch them
  • Divide orchids and re-pot them after flowering has finished
  • Dead-head spring bulbs and annuals
  • Be aware that citrus, tomatoes, and other fruit trees can be susceptible to disease and pests as the weather becomes more humid
  • Apply Epsom salts diluted in water to the soil of azaleas, gardenias, and camellias.
  • Make sure your hoses are in good condition and without leaks.
  • If you live in a fire-prone area, make sure you clean out gutters, remove leaf litter from the rooftop, and cut back any overhanging branches from your roof. Move flammable materials including woodpiles away from your house.
  • Even in suburbia, snakes can unexpectedly make their way onto your property. Keep lawns trimmed, litter cleaned up, and eliminate hiding places like wood piles, rubbish piles, and the like. If you do find a snake in your yard, never try to kill it (not only is it illegal to do so, but it’s a sure way to get bitten). Call a snake catcher to remove it instead.

All of the garden waste and rubbish that you don’t compost can be disposed on in your green lidded bin (green waste only), or call AA Adonis for rubbish removals in Belmore and throughout Sydney’s metropolitan area. We come to your home and take away all of your non-hazardous rubbish for sustainable disposal – what could be more convenient?

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