Rubbish Removal Belrose: Fire Safety this summer

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Summer is a couple weeks away and fire season is here. When you live anywhere near bush in Australia, you need to consider bushfire safety as a must, even if the bush near you is just a small pocket in suburbia. Even in the middle of Sydney, garden fires can be a risk and if you live in a place like Belrose, you have decent amounts of bushland nearby. Your rubbish removal in Belrose needs to account for mitigation of bushfire risk.

How can you minimise your fire risk?

  • Keep lawns mowed and keep paths and driveways weed-free.
  • Weed out long grasses from garden beds.
  • Keep your roof gutters clear of leaf litter.
  • Remove dried and old wood from your outdoor areas. This includes old and broken fencing, garden furniture, and old toys. Dry wood and leaves are perfect kindling and a fire can spread very quickly with this fuel in place.
  • If you have a woodpile, keep it contained and situated well away from your house.
  • Rake leaves from the ground.
  • Prune low hanging branches, especially those that hand over other trees and bushes or over your roof.
  • Store all chemicals and flammable materials safely and away from the house, but if they are old and not likely to be used in the next twelve months, discard them in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Store LPG gas bottles with the valve facing away from the house.
  • Ensure there is a fuel break between the back of your garden or yard and vegetation over the boundary.


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