Rubbish Removal in Arncliffe – Xmas

Rubbish removal in Arncliffe as well as other South Sydney Suburbs affects everyone, and we should all make an effort to do our part to minimise waste as well as disposing of that waste we do generate in an environmentally responsible way.

The rubbish we generate grows exponentially at Christmas. From wrapping paper to cards, unwanted gifts to excess food, as well as throwing out the old to accommodate the new, more is thrown away in December and early January than any other period during the year. When it comes to environmental issues, at Christmas waste is Australia’s biggest.

Australians typically produce an average of forty million tonnes of waste each year; at Christmas, these levels are exceeded to a great extent due to decorations, Christmas trees, paper and cards, unwanted gifts, food, and packaging materials. Christmas is not at all friendly to the environment!

Australians can find many ways to minimise their waste production at Christmas – simply by making more considered purchases of gifts and food, eating leftovers, and discarding rubbish in a more responsible way:

  • Send Christmas cards and letters by email
  • Re-gift or donate unwanted presents
  • Reuse decorations or donate them to a thrift store
  • Paper plates, plastic mugs, and other disposable tableware might be convenient, but they end up in landfill. Take an extra moment and simply wash up crockery and cutlery.
  • Recycle Christmas cards and wrapping paper.
  • Recycle natural Christmas Trees
  • Give presents that are experiences (trips, dinners, outings) as opposed to material items.
  • If giving gifts that need batteries, consider giving rechargeable batteries as a part of the gift as well.
  • Reuse shopping bags
  • Gift cards and certificates are environmentally friendly
  • Eat leftovers in the day or two after Christmas.
  • Recycle old mobile phones at your local mobile dealer
  • Give handmade gifts including edible gifts
  • Reuse gift wrapping, ribbon, boxes and bags wherever possible
  • Compost suitable food waste.

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