Rubbish Removal in Beverly Hills – Waste Wise Christmas

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Beverly Hills in New South Wales falls under the Hurstville City Council Local Government area, and all government rubbish removal in Beverly Hills is taken care of by this council.

Hurstville City Council runs an annual rubbish removal incentive called Waste Wise Christmas. This includes normal waste collection services for general waste, recycling, and green waste. Council Clean Up bookings are not available during the Christmas Holiday period, between Christmas Eve and January 4th. Additionally, the local electronic waste drop off site is closed over the period between December 19th and January 23rd.

The Council offers an array of tips for reduction of waste over the Christmas period. Australians produce excessive amounts of waste over Christmas, far exceeding that of most other times of the year. There is, however, an array of simple ways to reduce Christmas waste and to manage it better:

  • Buy experience gifts as opposed to material gifts
  • Buy donation gifts on behalf of the gift recipient as opposed to unwanted presents for those who have everything
  • Wrap Christmas presents in recycled paper, newspaper comic pages, or your children’s artworks
  • Give a potted plant as a living gift
  • If you are travelling – flying in particular – offset your carbon emissions
  • Give a worm farm
  • Plan Christmas feasting wisely. Only buy what you need and eat or otherwise use leftovers rather than throwing them away.
  • If you receive an unwanted gift, donate or re-gift it rather than throwing it away
  • Reuse Christmas decorations year after year
  • Recycle as much rubbish as possible
  • Sort recycling and flatten it before placing it in the bin
  • Give recharger packs with any gifts that require the use of batteries
  • If travelling, ensure the car runs efficiently – inflate tyres, tune engine, and be sure to recycle old tyres, batteries, and car oil
  • Recycle live Christmas trees


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