Rubbish Removal in Cremorne Point

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Cremorne Point is a local suburb of the North Sydney Council area. It is a suburb blessed with beautiful harbour views and close proximity to Sydney City and North Sydney.

Like most local Sydney councils, North Sydney Council is profoundly committed to the protection of the local environment and part of this is effective waste disposal in the local area. Residents of the suburb are encouraged to take personal responsibility for mindful rubbish removal in Cremorne Point.

The local council offers the following Cremorne Point Rubbish Removal Services to its residents:

  • Residential General Waste Removal  –  a regular weekly kerbside service
  • Recycling – a regular scheduled fortnightly kerbside service
  • Household Kerbside Waste Cleanup – on demand as required on an individual residential basis
  • Green Waste Cleanup – regular fortnightly kerbside service
  • Excess rubbish service – as required and by approval by local council
  • E-waste Cleanup –local drop zones and advice for independent recyclers offered by local council
  • Community battery recycling bins, as well as light bulb and unwanted or broken mobile phone collections
  • Plastic bag trade-in for calico bags at North Sydney Council headquarters (ten plastic for one calico)
  • Graffiti Cleanup – free council service available to private property owners – conditions apply – contact North Sydney Council
  • EPA Chemical Cleanout Events – held periodically in the local area; details online
  • Trade Waste – bin collection and skip provision
  • Green Cleaning incentives for home cleaning with environmentally safer products
  • Compost Revolution – online tutorial programs and offering 50% off worm farms and compost bins
  • Medical Sharps Disposal – free drop off service at designated local pharmacies
  • Fridge Buyback – to encourage removal of second fridge and earn cash in the process

As well as these local government services, residents in Cremorne Point are warmly invited to call Andrew at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for our same-day, to your door, convenient, friendly and professional rubbish and recycling removal service. We load and take away a large variety of unwanted goods (with the exception of all hazardous waste, including asbestos). We guarantee not only very competitive pricing, but that your unwanted items will be disposed of properly and to the greatest benefit of others and the environment.

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