Rubbish Removal in Gordon – Prepare your Garden for autumn

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We still have another month of summer in Australia, but before we know it there will be that crisp early morning chill in the air and autumn will be here.

Much is made of spring cleaning but autumn is another great time to get rid of the old and, in particular, prepare the garden for the cooler months. If you live on Sydney’s leafy north shore, prepping your garden and facilitating premium rubbish removal in Gordon and surrounding suburbs should be a priority.

Autumn is the year’s best time for soil preparation, to ensure great blooming in your garden in the months to come. Getting it right will maximise the capacity of your soil to hold moisture, so that in six months’ time when the weather begins to warm again, you will have a healthy garden haven.

In the coming weeks:

  • Dig out roots of weeds and dying plants
  • Remove old vines and diseased vegetable plants
  • Pull up and remove dead or dying annuals
  • Remove all plant debris
  • Spread compost or mulch over your soil
  • Till the soil to improve drainage and increase the oxygen to the roots of plants
  • Plant spinach, lettuce, and broccoli to harvest in winter
  • Plant trees and shrubs
  • Compost and mulch fallen autumn leaves
  • Plant bulbs including tulips, daffodils, iris and hyacinth
  • Divide and replant perennials where needed.
  • Cut stems on perennials to a distance of five to ten centimetres from the ground, except for those that bloom in autumn and winter (iris, Oriental poppy).
  • Maintain garden tools and equipment. If necessary, invest in new tools.

What to do with all the garden waste and rubbish that you don’t compost? Call on AA Adonis for rubbish removals in Gordon and throughout Sydney’s north shore. We come to your location, and load all manner of non-hazardous rubbish for environmentally sustainable disposal. We are just a phone call or email away – and in most cases, we can come on the same or next day.

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