Rubbish Removal in The Rocks : Simple Steps for Environmentally Friendly

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The Rocks is one of Sydney city’s jewels. Rich in history, culture, and having an atmosphere all its own, it looks onto the stunning Sydney Harbour, and is a cornucopia of shopping, dining, art galleries, and colonial architecture. It’s an area e need to protect – and that includes making sure rubbish removal in The Rocks is a priority for all.

There are some very simple ways we can all do our small part to alleviate the impact of rubbish in The Rocks and everywhere else. With just a few basic rules to live by and to remember on a daily basis, we can all protect our beautiful environment.

Remember that Most Things can be Recycled.

Much of the packaging used today is recyclable and biodegradable. Much of it has a recycle symbol on it to make it easier for you to know what to trash and what to recycle.

Don’t Discard Plastic Bags and Cups. Better still, don’t use them at all! Plastic can take a thousand years to naturally degrade, and worse yet, it can impact very negatively on ocean life and wildlife now. Recycle all plastic bottles and cups (without caps) and reuse plastic bags, if you must use them at all. Use crockery and proper cutlery – plastic disposable plates and knives/forks etc are very bad for the environment.

Remember that Paper Can Be Recycled – but NOT if it’s Dirty or Soiled

Greasy paper and cardboard (like pizza boxes) are not suitable for recycling. Soiled paper and card should be thrown in the trash; all the rest should be recycled.

Proper disposal of rubbish is everyone’s responsibility. Call Andrew at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals for all manner of non-hazardous rubbish removal, at your door – and Keep Australia Beautiful!

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