Rubbish Removal Kingsford: Rubbish Removal for High Rise Living

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Rubbish removal in Kingsford and other similar inner city suburbs of Sydney requires special attention to the needs of high rise residents, both those who live in high rise buildings as well as those who work in high rises.

Kingsford is a suburb located south-eastern edge of Sydney’s central business district and is part of the City of Randwick. Predominantly residential in nature, it is also adjacent to Kensington which is home to the University of New South Wales. Many residents of the area live in medium and high density housing, including university students.

Waste removal for multi-unit dwellings in the area is the responsibility of the local council (Randwick) but there are times when residents will require that rubbish be removed more promptly. Additionally, sometimes items which can’t be disposed of in normal kerbside waste bins need to be removed. That is where AA Adonis Rubbish Removals is delighted to help quickly and effectively.

The professionals at AA Adonis Rubbish Removals are friendly, efficient, qualified garbologists and we are expert in our field. We are highly committed at all times to environmental sustainability;  as such, all rubbish we collect from both homes and businesses is sorted and disposed of in the most sustainable way possible. This includes us sorting, assessing, and donating suitable items for charity or repurposing, as well as to the proper recycling channels wherever possible.

If your rubbish is non-hazardous, and if it fits into our truck, we will take it away.  This includes mattresses, unwanted or broken furniture, whitegoods, appliances, old carpets and rugs, computers, toys, bedding, window treatments including blinds and curtains, crockery, books, green and garden waste, tools, pavers, wood, cardboard, porcelain, tiles, decking materials, gyprock and much more. Please note that we do not handle asbestos under any circumstances, however there are specialist asbestos removal companies that do. We also remove commercial rubbish as well as non-hazardous industrial waste (no medical, chemical, laboratory or biomedical waste is handled by AA Adonis Rubbish Removals).

We are also experienced in deceased estate clean outs when the job is too big for others to handle.

For efficient, same-day rubbish removal in Kingsford, whether you are situated in a high rise building or any other type of residence, call Andrew from AA Adonis Rubbish Removals on 0418 671 297.

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