Rubbish Removal Kurnell: Disposing of Oil

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“How should I dispose of oil?” Too often oil is poured down the drain – but this is the worst thing you can do with it!

Services for rubbish removal in Kurnell include council-run general waste collection, as well as collection kerbside of green waste and recycling. Oil must never be placed in any of these bins.

There are two main types of oil that are used in households in Kurnell and throughout Sydney – motor oil and cooking oil.

Motor Oil

Motor oil is used for lubrication in cars, boats, lawn mowers, trucks, and farm machinery, and there are half a billion litres of motor oil sold in Australia every year. The leftover oil product is called sump oil.

Sump oil can actually be reclaimed and reused.  This is a very good thing, as just one litre of motor oil can contaminate one million litres of water. This causes great harm to the environment, aquatic, animal, bird, and even human life. This is why it is such a tragedy whenever there is an oil spill in the ocean – oil in water can’t be contained.

Recycled sump oil can be industrially cleaned and then reused as industrial burner fuel or hydraulic oil. It may also be refined into new lubricating oil or incorporated into new products.

If you only have very small amounts of used motor oil to be recycled, you can take it to a local used oil facility (contact your local council for details) which will also accept plastic oil containers, oil filters, and even oily rags. Larger volumes of oil for recycling require calling an oil collection agency.

Cooking Oil

Cooking oil is very damaging when it is all too commonly disposed of in drains and down kitchen sinks. It damages the environment as well as ultimately damaging your pipes and plumbing creating a big smelly mess and costing you money.

You can dispose of very small amounts of cooled cooking oil into garden compost.

Greater volumes of cooled household cooking oil may be stored in a sealable glass jar. It may then be put into your general waste bin. Much more preferable than this, however, is to recycle it, since used cooking oil can be filtered and repurposed into items including bio fuel, stockfeed, and cosmetics.

Go to the Planet Ark website for a comprehensive list of collection agencies that will collect used cooking oil.

Call AA Adonis Rubbish Removals in Kurnell on 0418 671 297. We don’t collect oil for recycling or disposal, but we can advise over the phone if we are able to accept your non-hazardous forms of rubbish for removal. We come right to your door and take it away.

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